Sarah Kiden

Marie Curie Research Fellow, Northumbria University

Sarah is a public interest technologist and researcher, working at the intersection of technology, communities and design. She is a Marie Curie Research Fellow on Open Design of Trusted Things (OpenDoTT), a joint programme between Northumbria University and Mozilla. She is exploring the possibilities of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for community-building, and focusing on community fridges and food-sharing initiatives. She advocates for better technology policy from the perspective of end users.

Lillian Achom

Founder and Director, AccessPlus

Lillian is a tech enthusiast who believes an Information Communications Technology (ICT)-empowered society is an opportunity for employment, economic growth, and better livelihoods. Especially true for women and girls in rural and remote communities, Lillian has spent over 10 years in community outreach programs. She mentors on the benefits of the Internet and how to use the technology safely, and advocates for more young girls to consider careers in the ICT space.

Esther Patricia Akello

Application Developer, Bank of Uganda;
Founding Partner, AccessPlus

Esther is a technologist, passionate about application development and finding solutions for socio-economic problems. She is an entrepreneur, expert in managing ICT Projects, and one of the founding Partners of AccessPlus, an organization focused on promoting STEM careers for girls and extending ICT services to underserved communities. She is an Application Developer at the Bank of Uganda (BoU), and holds an MSc in Information Systems and BSc in Computer Science.

Innocent Adriko

NextGen at ICANN / ISOC IGF Youth Ambassador 2019

Innocent has great interest in Internet Policy and Governance, which field he has diversely trained and worked in for the last two years with great focus on Digital Inclusion, Digital Literacy, Digital Rights, and recently Digital security. He was a NextGen at ICANN65, Internet Society IGF Youth Ambassador 2019, and has been selected for the ICANN 72 fellowship. He has spoken at national, regional and international conferences that include the IGF and RightsCon. He is the Vice President for Advocacy at the DearGovernments organization, Engagement Lead Volunteer at the Digital Literacy Initiative, Coordinator Uganda Youth IGF, a member of the Internet Society (ISOC) Uganda Chapter and the ICANN community.

Consolate Gabriella Wangwe

Systems Administrator, International School of Uganda

Consolate Gabriella Wangwe is a technology practitioner with experience in building and supporting systems and networks. She is currently a Systems Administrator at the International School of Uganda. Prior to this, she was an Access Networks Operations and Implementation Engineer at Liquid Telecom in Uganda. Outside of work, Consolate is passionate about supporting girls and women by giving them access to opportunities to improve their lives, as well as volunteering in IT and Internet related activities. She holds a Bachelor of Information Technology and Computing from Kyambogo University. 

Rugasira Joseph

Manager, Rusanuzi Quarry Consults / Projects Coordinator at Internet
Society Uganda Chapter

Joseph is a youth Internet Governance enthusiastic in local communities of
Uganda. He is a graduate of the African Presidential Leadership Program at the National Training
Academy in Cairo and also an undergraduate student at the University of the People pursuing his degree
in business administration. He lives in a community where the Internet is the driving force and believes
it should be for everyone.

Emmanuel Oruk

Secretary for Gender and Disability, Internet Society Uganda Chapter

Emmanuel is the Secretary for Gender and Disability, Internet Society Uganda Chapter. He is a member of Action for Development (ACFODE) a national Non-Governmental Organization specializing in Women and Girls emancipation and rights advocacy in Uganda. Additionally, Emmanuel volunteers with Artificial Intelligence 4 Development Agency (AIDA) as Ambassador to Africa. AIDA is an international Non-Governmental Organization advocating for inclusive Data protection rights and Artificial Intelligence awareness globally.
He has worked with Google on the Google Digital Skills Training program for Africa as a lead Coordinator, an initiative centered at transforming and elevating online presence of businesses across Africa.

Mutegeki Cliff Agaba

Vice President, Internet Society

Cliff is a Technology Enthusiast with experience in
computer networking. He is formerly the Secretary for Gender and
Disabilities with the Internet Society Uganda Chapter where he also
served as the chapter training coordinator for the recently concluded
Internet Society Chapter training program. Mutegeki is also serving as a
member of the Universal Acceptance Communications working group
under the umbrella of ICANN.